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Let your membership work for you by advertising it at every job site. These are all-in-one posting systems for plans, permits, inspection schedules and other required notices on the job site. Use it job after job!

  • Durable construction/takes severe abuse
  • Keeps permits/plans in place
  • Satisfies most developers and community signage limitsGenerous space for your company name
  • Reduces loss of copyrighted plans and documents
  • Displays required license numbers and lot information
  • Provides a professional sign-off station for inspectors
  • Displays a warning to vandals and trespassers
  • Recommended by inspection departments
  • Made of high density polyethylene, a very durable plastic
  • Pre-drilled unit easily mounts on post or wall. Includes mounting screws and push pins

Cost: $43.50

For more information, e-mail or call 678-775-1469.