Meeting with Atlanta officials to discuss the tree protection ordinance rewrite

Our Greater Atlanta HBA members met with Atlanta officials today including Project Manager Elizabeth Johnson, Arborist David Zaparanick, and Andrew Walter to discuss the tree protection ordinance rewrite.  This meeting is part of the ongoing long-term strategy of the GAHBA to ensure that builders have a seat at the table and to ensure our members’ voices are heard and taken into account during the rewrite.  We will have another meeting with the city in late June or early July.

Builder attendees included GAHBA Board Members Todd Hager (Edward Andrews Homes), Van Hardimon (Van Hardimon Homes), Stokely Weinberg (Stokesman Luxury Homes), and John Beach (Paces Construction). Associate member Carl Valenzano of The Erosion Company also participated.

If you would like to be more involved with this process, we encourage you to join the Tree Ordinance Task Force and attend the upcoming public meeting that the city is hosting.