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Builders Political Action Committee

The Builders Political Action Committee (BPAC) contributes funds to local and state election candidates and ballot issues throughout metro Atlanta and in the state legislature. It does not contribute to federal election campaigns. BPAC is affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Georgia. As an HBA member, you have the right to recommend a contribution request to the BPAC trustees. The BPAC Board of Trustees is made up of HBA members who volunteer their time on behalf of the industry. There are three ways members can be involved with BPAC: 1) Make a contribution at any time payable to BPAC and mail it to the HBA office; 2) make the $25 voluntary contribution noted on your HBA dues invoice; 3) Do your research and send your requests to the HBA Government Affairs Department to support candidates that support the homebuilding industry.

Action Fund

The HBA’s Action Fund is an essential component of the association’s government affairs program.  It was created to provide financial support for important legal cases, political affairs projects and other initiatives that advance the industry’s public policy interests.  The goal of the fund is to improve the legal and regulatory climate for the home builders of metro Atlanta. The fund is a useful resource for the HBA to challenge local government laws and regulations and assist members in doing the same; increase member political involvement; and publicize important public policy issues.  Effective use of the fund will defeat and discourage bad public policy and energize the HBA’s political involvement.

The Action Fund is managed by a committee, which meets six times a year or as necessary. The committee establishes and maintains the Action Fund funding guidelines, which can be found below; considers funding requests from HBA members; identifies issues and initiatives worthy of support; and determines how Action Fund assets are used.  Recently the Action Fund provided essential support for important legal cases, including the HBA’s suit against DeKalb County over impact fees, which resulted in a $1.6 million award for the association. The Action Fund is currently supporting legal challenges to regulatory and impact fees in the cities of Atlanta and McDonough and Fulton County.  Any HBA member may request assistance from the Action Fund.  To do so, complete the Action Fund application for assistance and return it to the HBA as indicated in the application.

Builder Resource Fund, LLC

In March 2004, the HBA established the Builder Resource Fund as a separate entity from the HBA to manage the proceeds from a DeKalb County regulatory lawsuit settlement. The fund was created to address major public policy threats to the viability of residential development and construction; to create and promote favorable public regulatory and administrative strategies; and to support legal actions on behalf of the HBA that would benefit the industry. The fund also supplements the HBA’s Action Fund as necessary and is managed by a board, which includes the HBA president. The fund’s initial project is a joint venture with the Georgia Institute of Technology to establish and promote a graduate program in residential development and construction. The HBA will work closely with the university to establish the program, develop the curriculum, provide instructors and guide the program’s evolution. The association will receive explicit recognition and an ongoing advisory role for its contribution to the program’s start-up costs. This collaboration will establish the nation’s first such graduate program. The benefits of the project are many and significant. The program will attract the nation’s most talented students in this field and provide a ready supply of quality employees for the region’s builders and developers. The HBA’s involvement will ensure that students also develop the appropriate skills and knowledge to become leaders in the industry and in government. Already the nation’s top housing market, Atlanta will also be recognized as the center of innovation and advancement for the homebuilding industry.

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