Status of each County during the coronavirus

City of Alpharetta Inspection ProtocolAll information subject to change. We will continue to monitor and make updates.

Cherokee County



Ball Ground




Holly Springs







  • The April 2 Planning Commission Meeting has been cancelled.
  • Not accepting plans for review. There is a drop box in the front of city hall if you need to do it by hand or you can scan and email it. Applications can be filed online if needed.
  • If you need assistance with Planning and Zoning matters, call 770-592-6050 or email
  • More Information:
  • Direct Contact: Brantley Day at 770-592-6050 or


Clayton County

Clayton (Updated 3/20/2020)

  • Clayton County Community Development is closing offices to the public for two weeks starting Monday, March 16th
  • Inspections will be occurring during this time. Should you need to schedule an inspection, please email Raquel Obumba at
  • Should you need a power release, please submit your request, although we will be monitoring inspection results.
  • Should you need to get a Certificate of Occupancy, please email us and we will email the CO back to you, if we deem you eligible for a CO.
  • We will be accepting permit and business license renewal applications through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal during this time.
  • The CSS Portal can be accessed using the following link:
  • New business licenses can be submitted using the following link:
  • Contact: Madolyn Spann at 770-473-5401 or


Forest Park

  • Limited Access
  • Contact: 404-608-2300




Lake City





  • Open




Cobb County

Cobb (Updated 3/19/2020)

  • The Community Development Agency, including all divisions, will continue operations at limited capacity, effective March 18, 2020.
  • Building, site, erosion, electrical, and mechanical inspections are still continuing on an as-needed basis.
  • Inspectors will not be inspecting occupied construction (for example: home or basement remodels, etc.) in order to minimize the risk to our inspectors and community.
  • In order to accommodate mandatory in-person business, the Community Development lobby will remain open, however, occupancy must be strictly limited.
  • Two people in the main lobby and one person in the Zoning lobby may enter at a time, all others must wait outside until called upon. Our lobby will be open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., with a closure from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. to allow our limited staff to take lunch and disinfect the lobby areas. During office hours, we will accept permit applications, plans, business license applications, etc.
  • More Information:







  • City of Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling announced (March 16, 2020) that City Hall, including Public Works, will be closed to in-person, public access starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020 through at least March 31, 2020.
  • The City of Kennesaw encourages use of the Online Payment Portal at this time for paying citations, sanitation, property tax and business taxes/license.
  • The following departments will accept payment over the phone: Building & Construction – 770-429-4554
  • More Information:
  • Contact: Darryl Simmons at 770-590-8268 or




Powder Springs




DeKalb County



Avondale Estates



  • Inspections: Inspections will resume Wednesday, March 18th. Inspectors have been instructed to follow “no contact” protocols. We will do our best to perform inspections on the date requested via the Project Portal, but due to the limited availability of staff, some inspections may be pushed 1-2 business days. We will not accept 3rd party inspection reports on already issued permits.
  • Permits and Plan Reviews: Due to our all electronic permitting system, there will be minimal interruption to the permitting and plan review process. We will continue to accept applications and plan submittals. If you would like to check the status of an application, please log on to the Project Portal. We will continue to release permits and approved plans via the Project Portal. If you need assistance, feel free to contact the Permit Technicians at
  • Certificates of Occupancy/Completion: We do not post Certificates of Occupancy/Completion on the portal. However, after your final inspection/s pass, you may request your CO/COC by e-mailing One of our Permit Technicians will e-mail you a PDF of the requested CO/COC. Please allow 48 hours after your final inspection.
  • More Information:
  • Contact: Patrice Ruffin at 404-637-0532 or





  • City of Clarkston offices at City Hall (3921 Church St) and at City Hall Annex (1055 Rowland St) beginning the week of Monday, March 16 will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC until further notice.
  • Contact: Shawanna Qawiy at 404-296-6489



  • All DEC services will continue during the building closure.  Services will require the following modifications:
  • Permitting Questions and Trade Permitting (Electric, Plumbing, HVAC) – Call 404-377-6198.  For now, payments shall be made by check only until other options become available.  Checks should be made payable to the City of Decatur.
  • Construction-Tree-Engineering Questions – For all inquiries and pre-application meetings, contact staff directly to arrange a phone call or teleconference.
  • Plan Submittal – For now, plan submittal will be carried out on an appointment basis or by email depending on the scope of work.
  • Contact staff at 404-377-6198 to arrange for drop-off or email submissions to:
  • As Built Plan Submittal – Plans can be emailed to
  • Inspections– Inspections will be handled as usual by online requests only at
  • More Information:
  • Contact: 404-377-6198







  • City hall closed to the public and staff members will work remotely
  • Building inspectors and code enforcement officers will still conduct limited inspections
  • More Information:


Stone Mountain



  • The City of Tucker offices are closed to the public, including the Building and Finance Departments while staff will assist over the phone and through electronic submission.
  • Intake of new permit applications and plans can be sent to
  • Submittal of paper applications and plans is suspended at this time.
  • Plans that have already been submitted will continue through the review process and staff will contact the applicant with details on permit issuance.
  • Inspections will continue, although we are suspending residential renovation inspections where the home is occupied.
  • Upcoming planning, zoning and variance cases have been rescheduled to April.
  • Contact: John McHenry at 678-597-9040 or


Forsyth County

Forsyth (Updated 3/19/2020)

  • Effective March 19, the following buildings will be closed to the public:
    • Administration Building (PERMIT OFFICE)
    • All buildings at West Maple
    • Code Compliance
  • Third-Party Inspectors List
  • County inspectors will not be conducting inspections of homes that have a CO until further notice. This includes permits for basement finishes, remodels, additions, etc. Customers can wait for us to reopen all inspections, or you can use a third-party off of our list. This does not effect new home construction.
  • No more field contact for inspectors. Customers should not approach field staff. Questions will be answered by phone or email, not in the field. Cancel the inspection and leave the site if a customer refuses to give the inspector adequate space.
  • If there is a job that has an issue giving the inspectors adequate space, your permit will be placed on hold, and you will need to work with Steve Holder, CBO, to develop a plan to ensure the problem does not continue.
  • Third party inspectors will see a potential increase in requests. Steve Holder has approved you to perform Building Final inspections on the permits effected by item 1 listed above. (Ex: basement finish, remodels, additions, etc.)
  • Contact: Steve Holder, CBO, 678-513-5929
  • Contact: Jason Holbrook, CBI, 770-205-4633




Fulton County


  • The department will reschedule all Pre-Proposal / Pre-Bid Conferences and Facility/Site visits until a later date and has issued an addendum to extend due dates for all Open Projects (projects currently advertised on the Bid Board) until April 15, 2020.  If the situation changes, any updates will be issued via an Addendum.


Alpharetta (Updated 3/25/2020)


Atlanta (Updated 3/20/2020)


College Park

  • Unknown
  • Contact: Oscar Hudson, Jr. at 404-669-3762


East Point (Updated 3/18/2020)


Johns Creek (Updated 3/20/2020)






Sandy Springs


South Fulton

  • Permitting staff can be reached between the hours of 8:30a.m. and 3:00p.m. to assist you with your permitting needs.
  • Applications previously submitted will continue processing as normal.  City staff will contact applicants via email or phone.
  • Applications for fences/retaining walls, administrative permits, special events, film/production, residential alterations and additions, or trades (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing), can be submitted electronically to:
  • All new permit applications that require physical plans have the preferred option of being uploaded to file sharing through a Dropbox account.  You can create an account at
  • New applications & plans mailed: (City of South Fulton Permitting Division 5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW Suite A Atlanta, GA 30336)
  • If you are need of an invoice to pay for a permit or reinspection fee, payments can be made electronically.  Be sure to include your name, permit number, site location and contact information with your request.  Please submit your payment request to:
  • All Certificates of Occupancy will be transmitted electronically.  To request a Certificate of Occupancy, please email our Permitting staff at:
  • Inspections will continue as normal with communication via email and/or phone.  All inspection requests received by 4:00p.m. will be conducted the next business day.  For inspection requests or results, please email:
  • Contact: Brian Epstein at 678-333-6900 or Will Hart at 229-603-9046


Union City

  • They have shut down all services except the third party inspectors
  • Inspectors come do a “site inspection” and then issue CO
  • As of now, the third party inspectors are working but work gets shuts down at CO


Gwinnett County




  • Applying for Permits – All permit applications must be applied for through email at Permits can be found by clicking here.  Plans can be uploaded onto the City’s sharefile at the following link: Upload a file here. After receiving a complete application, staff will respond to the applicant with the permit number, comments and applicable fees. Following instructions for payment below.
  • Paying permit fees – After the permit is received and reviewed, staff will provide the applicant with the applicable fees. Fees may be mailed in or paid online by using the following link to pay for your permit: The above link will direct you to the Online Payment website. For permit fees, click on the “Planning Activity” option. Once routed to the “Planning Activity” page, type in the amount due in the “Price” box and click “Add to Cart”. You must fill in the Contractor’s Name, Project Address and Permit number. Once all of the fields are filled in, click on “Add to Cart”. Click on “View Cart”. Click on “Checkout”. Fill in the applicable payment information and click “Process $ Payment”.
  • Requesting an Inspection – The City will continue to perform inspections in a variety of ways. When feasible, inspections will be conducted through photo, video or livestream (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) to limit exposure to potentially unsafe situations. While interacting with the public, inspectors are being asked to maintain the Centers for Disease Control recommended distance of six feet from people as much as is practical and when needed will be using face and eye protection.
  • Inspection requests are still to be made using the Inspection Request Line. The Building Official will contact you to schedule, a determination on whether the inspection will be done through digital means or in person and instructions on how to conduct the digital inspection or prepare for an on-site inspection.
  • Contact: 770-497-5333





  • For Plan Submission/Permit Requests/Change of Occupancy: Use the online portal and follow the direction for account setup and submission or call 678-421-2067.
  • For Inspections: Email or call 678-421-2067.
  • For Zoning/Variance/ARB/Engineering/Arborist: Call 678-421-2067 or email
  • More Information:
  • Contact: Tracy Rye at


Peachtree Corners (3/20/2020)


Sugar Hill

  • Limited Access
  • Contact: Kaipo Awana at 678-541-6127 or



  • As of today (3/17/2020), all inspections will continue with some slight modifications. Until further notice, inspections will continue to be requested via email, however, NO ONE will be allowed to be in the building with the inspector during the inspection.
  • The inspector will make an effort to provide notice prior to arrival in order to allow time to clear the building. With that said, the inspection will not be performed if the building is not cleared prior to arrival or if you are unavailable to clear the building. Upon completing the inspection, the inspector with either leave a copy of the inspection report on site or email a copy to you.
  • Additionally, the City will not conduct any inspections at a location where a resident of the location is in self quarantine until that quarantine has expired.  Please advise the City if anyone at the location is in self quarantine.
  • In order to request a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), please contact Kelley Tanner in Inspections via telephone (770-904-2792) or email (
  • The City will review your file and notify you if any additional documentation is needed.  If needed, documents may be submitted via email.  Once your CO is ready, you will receive an emailed copy and then a hard copy in the mail.  Please plan closings according to our typical 3-5 day process.  Do not expect a CO to be ready the same day as the final inspection and delivery of all required documentation.
  • More Information:
  • Contact: Keith Kerr at 678-860-5136 or


Henry County


  • Update on 3/18/20 – Henry has gone back to no 3rd party inspectors. They will be operating a skeleton crew. The team is coming in to pick up their trucks and will begin pulling inspection requests Thursday (3/19/2020) morning. There will be 1 commercial inspector and 1-2 residential inspectors. Amelia and George will both be in the office.
  • Permits will be issued via email, meaning the customer will email their application and credentials. We will receive the credit card payment over the phone and email their receipt to them. This is for all permits except those needing pre-construction meetings.
  • Once all necessary documents are received, we will email the C/O to the customer with a note attached to our file copy explaining why the customer’s signature is not on the C/O (due to the coronavirus).
  • All Inspectors will continue making inspections. The Building Inspections should be made on new building construction only. No inspections should be made on structures where there are residents occupying the property/structure.
  • More Information:
  • Contact: Amelia Ash at (770) 288-6083 or



  • Limited Access
  • Contact: Wanda Moore at 770-946-4306


Locust Grove

  • The City Hall is closed to the public
  • Public Hearings are cancelled for the month of March and we likely expect that for April
  • CO’s can be handled remotely, including inspections.
  • Contact: Daunte Gibbs at



  • Beginning today (03/17/20) until further updates, the Community Development Department Building & Inspections Division will process/conduct Building Inspections in the following manner as a proactive measure to minimize risk and protect city personnel, customers, and businesses alike concerning the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • 1.)    Customers are requested to minimize the number of Inspection requests due to decrease in city staffing during this interval of time.
  • 2.)    Inspection requests are to be for items that are immediately ready for inspection.
  • 3.)    Inspectors must be allowed to conduct the Inspection(s) unattended, utilizing “social-distancing” measures, of the subject property.
  • 4.)    Permits may be purchased by phone with credit card and obtained through email.  Contact Community Development office staff permit clerks for details and assistance.
  • Tag all three clerks in all emails due to decreased staff rotation:
  • Vernita McNeil /   (678) 782-6224
  • Kelsey Liddick  /  (470) 878-1114
  • Tina Tebo        /     (678) 432-4622



  • Limited Access
  • Contact: Thomas Marshall at 678-833-3329 or


Rockdale County




  • Development/business permit applications, plans and plan review fee can be submitted by mailing to 1174 Scott Street, Conyers, GA 30012 or dropping them off in the lobby area of the Planning and Inspections building with a check attached made payable to the City of Conyers.
  • Questions or follow-up on permits or plans should be emailed
  • More Information:
  • Contact: or call 770-929-4280.